♻️日本 糸島雞槌咖喱 Japan Itoshima Chicken Drumette Curry



每盒200g per pouch * 產品入包裝後以高壓高溫殺菌,可室溫存放 * 可連袋放沸水中加熱,翻熱即食 成份: 雞槌(福岡縣產)、蔬菜(洋蔥 / 紅蘿蔔)、豬脂、小麥麵粉、糖、雞湯、咖哩粉、鹽、番茄醬、醬油、酵母提取物、雞湯、牛油、酸辣醬、香料、豬肉提取物、生薑醬、大蒜醬/焦糖色素、甜椒色素、酸味料 * Product has been sterilised by UHT and high pressure, can be kept under room temperature * Ready to eat. Product can be heated up inside its pouch in boiled or boiling water. Ingredients : Chicken drumette (from Fukuoka), vegetables (onion / carrot), pork fat, wheat flour, sugar, chicken bouillon, curry powder, salt, tomato paste, soy sauce, yeast extract, chicken broth, butter, chutney, spices, pork meat extract, ginger paste, garlic paste / caramel colouring, paprika colouring, acidulant