♻️日本 完熟牡蠣蠔油 Japan Premium Oyster Sauce

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每樽 160g (volume per bottle) 這罐氣仙沼成熟牡蠣醬非常厲害,只要一點點,就鮮美得不了,吃過的人都驚為天人! 嚴選使用 3月-5月 下旬左右,正値產卵期前飽含豐富營養的生蠔,其濃厚風味被稱為海中牛奶,此濃厚風味的生蠔稱為「完熟鮮蠔」,並用之製成最濃郁的蠔油 一般的蠔油,大多是以鹽水煮蠔時所熬出的湯汁,將其加熱濃縮,並加入調味料調製而成。但石渡商店在萃取蠔的精華時,為求能夠徹底活用整顆蠔,不斷重複實驗,才成功研發出以酵素分解生蠔、使其液體化之特殊製法。由於採用了此特殊製法,才能在不流失蠔隻營養素的情況下,製作出蠔原有風味及口味完整的「牡蠣萃取精華」! 👍🏻 不添加化學調味料・防腐劑 為了推廣在氣仙沼耗費心力所養殖出來的蠔,出產商一律不添加任何化學調味料及防腐劑,小朋友及長輩皆可安心食用。鮮蠔汁不僅可用於中式料理,亦可使用在法式及意式料理的調味上,用途極為廣泛,是萬能的調味料! 成分:牡蠣萃取物、砂糖、還原糖漿、醬油(脫脂加工大豆、小麥、食鹽、酒精)、酵母萃取物、小麥粉 * 因沒任何添加劑,開啟後存於雪櫃並盡快食用 The season of Japanese oysters is said to be November – December, but Ishiwata Shoten uses oysters from March to May. Oyster producers know that the most delicious oyster is from March to May, as it is just before the their eggs mature, oysters from only this period are being used. Oysters are being processed under special manufacturing method so that children and elderly people can eat safely, leaving the original oyster flavor by devising heating temperature and time, leaving the maximum taste. You can use it with confidence because no chemical seasonings or preservatives are being used. Only sashimi grade oysters are used, for highest quality, freshness, taste and aroma. Ingredients: Oyster meat extract, Sugar, Reduced sugar syrup, Soy sauce, Yeast extract, Wheat flour * Refrigerate after opening and consume as early as possible because no addictive / preservatives are used