♻️日本 三國屋燒壽司海苔 Japan Mikuniya Roasted Seaweed Sheets



每包十塊 10 sheets per pack * 廚師發辦級數,食過返唔到轉頭! 從有明海中採出的初摘海苔,烤好後馬上裝袋把香氣關起來,三國屋,的初摘紫菜顏色偏黑,風味特別好。三國屋的海苔色澤美麗的色澤味甜,特別脆而柔軟細膩,讓人享受海苔在口中融化的感覺。 日語中的海苔是のり,它們因生長的地點、方式和時間而異。三國屋為他們的產品選擇恰到好處的品質,並對每種類別的海苔調整不同方法的燒烤,例如用於調味的特殊魚湯是以日本海鮮包括由海帶和鰹魚製成,更含來自內海的蝦乾。 成份:日本有明海初摘海苔 First harvested seaweed from Ariake is baked and bagged right away to keep the aroma. Ariake first picked seaweed is dark in color and has a particularly good flavor. The seaweed of Mikuniya has a beautiful solid colour and a subtle sweet taste, is particularly crispy, soft and delicate, and melts in your mouth. Seaweed in Japanese is called Nori, they vary with where, how and when they grow. Mikuniya selects just the right quality for their products and makes delicate adjustment on toasting for each type of Nori. Special “Dashi” is used for seasoning Nori, “Dashi” is Japanese seafood stock usually made from kelp and dried bonito flakes. Mikuniya uses selected ingredients from Setouchi (Inland Sea) including dried shrimp. Ingredients: Japan Ariake first harvested seaweed