♻️台灣 本家生機豆腐衣 Taiwan Benjia Tofu Sheets



每包28-30張 135g per pack of 28-30 sheets * 每張約25*22cm * 100%嚴選非基因改造黃豆製造 * 無添加防腐劑、漂白劑、色素等 * 100%純素,無動物性成分 * 獲兩大認證:ISO國際保證、HACCP 本家生機生產的有機及非基因改造豆製品,製作過程全程開放、透明化。水質對於製作豆腐非常重要,本家生機採用不鏽鋼器具及RO逆滲透水,無傳統木質材料容易滋生細菌霉菌的疑慮,並嚴選單一品種的非基因改造黃豆,豆腐製作成分天然,只使用鹽滷及石膏當作凝固劑。 本家生機千張豆腐皮是一種豆製品,使用美國進口非基因改造大豆,台灣製造。先把豆漿凝結成豆腐之後再打碎,手工層層拉皮壓製成薄薄的豆腐乾片。營養價值很高又方便的食品,含豐富蛋白質,是取代粉麵又低卡的減醣聖品。豆腐皮也可拿來包其他食材: 餛飩、春卷、蝦卷、齋菜卷等等,也可加入火鍋中,吸收湯汁同時增添飽足感與口感。 成份 : 美國進口非基因改造黃豆、甘油、美國進口非基因改造大豆蛋白、脂肪酸甘油酯、碳酸鈣、碳酸鎂、卵磷脂、鹽 台灣製造 * Size of each sheet: 25*23cm * 100% non-GMO soy beans used * No preservatives, no bleaching or colouring * 100% vegan, strictly no animal products used * ISO / HACCP certified The production of organic non-GMO soybean products by Benjia is open and transparent throughout the whole process. Water quality is most important for making tofu. Benjia uses stainless steel equipments and reverse osmosis water as the basis. No traditional wood material is used to avoid breeding of bacteria or mold. The ingredients are all natural, only salt brine and gypsum are used as coagulants. The best food for health! Thousand sheet tofu skin is a soy product that uses non-GMO soybeans imported from the U.S. and made in Taiwan. Soy is made into soy milk, add soy protein then pressed into thin sheets using quick drying method. High nutritional value and convenient food, rich in protein, it is a low-calorie product that is ideal to replace rice or noodle products using processed flour. Tofu sheets can also be used as wrapping for products like wontons, spring rolls, shrimp rolls, vegan rolls etc. They are excellent to use for hotpot too. Ingredients: Non-GMO soybean (U.S.), glycerin, Non-GMO soybean protein, glycerin fatty acid, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, lecithin, salt