♻️丹麥 有機有汽茶 Denmark Copenhagen Sparkling Tea BLÅ

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每支 750ml per bottle 有機飲料源自北歐清泉,茶香層次分明。13種有機茶:主要是茉莉/白/紅茶,在不同溫度/時間釀造,有綠茶的清新口味、洋甘菊/白茶花香添柔軟的質感、大吉嶺紅茶的細緻配予細膩的深度 像喝一杯沒酒精的香檳! 酒精度:0% Taste like an elegant glass of champagne without the alcohol! The Blue sparkling tea is really unique and an excellent choice as an aperitif with its high complexity and long taste. It is alcohol free and it contains nine organic teas and three different fine white teas blended with grape juice and just a dash of organic lemon juice. Copenhagen Sparkling Teas are all made from a cuvee of teas made exactly the same way you make a cuvee of grapes when producing champagne. They only use high quality organic teas, from the delicate white teas to the more intense and full-bodied black teas. BLÅ is based on 13 teas. Jasmine, white, and darjeeling. Fresh and light with delicate aromas from the jasmine. Honeysuckle, citrus and tropical fruit lead into an expansive and refreshing palate of jasmine and white flowers, with delicate white tea and green apple fruit on the clean, fresh finish. With its high complexity and long taste, it is an excellent choice as an aperitif, or to accompany starters, light main courses and most desserts. Enjoy at 5°C in a champagne flute. Alcohol content : 0%