♻️日本 秋田縣無麩質意大利粉 Japan Komachi Gluten-free Spaghetti



每包 90g per pack 1.7毫米厚的長意大利粉 煮8-10分鐘 日本大瀉村秋田小町協會出產,他們造的意大利粉從不使用小麥或鹽,只使用來自秋田區大瀉的發芽糙米。他們用的糙米,發芽一點點便變得含豐富的 GABA:一種充滿營養的氨基酸。而且,大米的味道呼之而出,味道不同於小麥麵條! 發芽糙米的營養: ✅ GABA 氨基丁酸(是白米的10倍):對腦部具有安定作用,進而促進放鬆和消除神經緊張。當人體內 GABA 缺乏時,會產生焦慮、不安、疲倦等情緒,一般長久處於高壓力族群 / 身處競爭環境中的人,如運動員、上班族等,都很容易缺乏 GABA,需要補充以便舒緩情緒。對於上學的小朋友,有助於放鬆和集中精神增強學習能力。另外,GABA 也會降低血壓並把甘油三酯轉換成能量。 ✅ 膳食纖維(是白米的5倍):吸收多餘的血糖和甘油三酯,提供好的細菌並清理腸道加快消化,有效預防和改善糖尿病和高血脂(高膽固醇水平或血液中的甘油三酯) ✅ 維他命B1(是白米的4.3倍):加快碳水化合物的代謝。加快糖的代謝,有助於疲勞之後的恢復和向大腦提供營養。 ✅ 鈣(是白米的2.4倍): 強壯骨骼的基本元素,對抗骨質疏鬆症不可缺少 ✅ 鎂(是白米的4.7倍):調節肌肉收縮,防止腿部抽筋。形成強健骨骼和牙齒的必需營養元素 ✅ 鐵(是白米的1.2倍):製造紅血細胞不可缺少,防止貧血、易倦和手腳冰冷 * 1.7mm thickness * Cooking time: 8-10 mins According to those who have tried a gluten-free diet, its benefits are that you feel well rested when you wake up, your skin is clearer, you feel less constipated, your immunity to illness increases, and you’re more able to control an overactive appetite. Sprouted brown rice: the reason it is chosen is because it’s high in nutritional value. Komachi uses sprouted brown rice made from Akitakomachi Rice. They don’t use any wheat or salt in their Gluten-free pasta. Sprouted brown rice has higher nutritional value than regular brown rice as it contains natural enzymes: ✅ GABA content (10 times more in white rice): It has many positive effects, helps reduce anxiety by relaxing your brain, and ability to focus. GABA also helps lower blood pressure and turns triglycerides into energy. ✅ Dietary Fibre (5 times more than in white rice): Helps absorb excess blood sugar and triglycerides. Feeds good bacteria and cleanse your intestine. Speeds up digestive system, effective in preventing and improving symptoms of diabetes and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol and triglycerides in bloodstream) ✅ Vitamin B1 (4.3 times more than in white rice): Speeds up metabolism of carbohydrates / sugar, helps speed up recovery from fatigue and provides nutrition to the brain ✅ Calcium (2.4 times more than in white rice): Essential to build strong bones to fight against osteoporosis ✅ Magnesium (4.7 times more than in white rice): Regulates muscle contraction. Prevents leg cramps. Also essential form strong bones and teeth ✅ Iron (1.2 times more than in white rice): Essential for creating red blood cells, prevents anemia, fatigue, and sluggishness. Works against cold hands and feet