♻️日本 特脆粗海鹽 Japan Extra Crispy Sea Salt



每樽80g per bottle * 使用深層海水的海鹽,口感酥脆 * 鹹味適中,適合搭配肉類 特製脆粗鹽與肉類料理非常配搭,原料為日本南部高知縣室戸沖之海洋深層水。適合用於牛扒、烤肉、烤雞、串燒等,以及添灑於番茄上。 * Use salt from deep sea water * Not overly salty. Just the right amount This special crispy salt goes very well with meats. Raw material is from deep ocean water of Muroto Oki, Kochi Prefecture, Southern part of japan. It is most suitable for steak, grilled / bbq meat, grilled chicken, skewers, etc., or sprinkled on tomatoes.