♻️日本 燒鱈魚棒 Japan Baked Cod Fish Sheet



每卷一張70g * 將烤焗過的鱈魚搗碎再壓成薄塊狀,長約45厘米 * 可用手輕鬆撕開,將其切成所需的長度和大小 * 按原樣使用,或再烤焗變脆片也可 * 黑斑是魚皮,不是異物 成份: 碎魚肉、澱粉(包括小麥)、植物蛋白(包括大豆)、糖、植物油、鹽、醬油、山梨糖醇、加工澱粉、海藻糖、調味料 * Grilled cod fish is grind and pressed into a thin sheet of length about 45cm * Can be cut into own desired sizes * Can be consumed as is or bake to become crispy * If you find and black spots, they are from the fish skin, not contaminants Ingredients: Minced fish meat, starch (including wheat), plant protein (including soybean), sugar, vegetable oil, salt, soy sauce, sorbitol, modified starch, trehalose, seasonings



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