♻️日本 最中脆餅皮 Japan Monaka Crisps

款式 Design



每包十對 10 pairs per pack * 菊花或唐松設計 * 直徑:67mm / 高:10mm 日本的Monaka脆皮,製作考究,使用專用的金屬模具烤製,模具都是手工雕刻的,設計細緻,花款繁多,每款都有其特別意義。淺碟形狀,放配料作小點美觀性十分高。配鹹甜點皆可,忌廉、雪糕、芝士、魚籽、風乾火腿、什至芝士焗肉碎也可! 成份: 日本国産糯米、水飴 * Intricate chrysanthemum or pine design * Diameter 6.7cm / Height 1cm Japan's renowned Monaka crispy skin is exquisitely made with special metal moulds. The moulds are hand-carved, with very intricate design and a variety of shapes. Each design has its own special significance. The shape of a shallow dish is very attractive with ingredients placed inside. They can be served savoury or sweet, including cream, ice cream, cheese, fish roe, jamon, or even minced pork baked with cheese! Ingredients: Japan glutinous rice, mizuame sweetener

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