♻️日本 大和柑橘酸汁 Japan Yamato Ponzu Sauce



每支275ml * 用上最好的日本原料,不使用防腐劑、著色劑、化學調味料 * 最適合肉類料理、炸物、沙律、火鍋 從奈良自古栽培的大和當歸提取精華,混合日本柑橘類中最古老品種大和柑橘,以手工榨出的果汁。以及使用日本國產原料製造的 “本釀造醬油”、奈良橿原的酒渣製作的 “純米醋” 成份: 醸造醋、糖(砂糖 / 葡萄糖)、醬油、鹽、白酒、味醂、大和柑橘果汁、昆布湯、當歸葉、鰹魚湯、酵母提取物、香料 * Using the best possible Japan ingredients. No preservative, colouring, artificial seasoning * Best to use for meats, deep fried food, as salad or hotpot dressing Extracted from the ancient Yamato Angelica root cultivated in Nara, mixed with the oldest Japanese citrus species Yamato citrus, hand-squeezed juice. As well as "Honzo Soy Sauce" made with domestically produced ingredients and "Junmai Vinegar" made with wine from Nara Kashihara Ingredients: Vinegar, sugar (sugar / glucose), soy sauce, salt, white wine, mirin, Yamato tangerine juice, kombu dashi, Yamato-tōki, bonito dashi, yeast extract, spices

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