♻️日本 博多華味鳥極致香料 Japan Hanamidori Chicken Seasoning



每樽60g per bottle * 精心硏製10種香料特別適合醃雞使用 * 將調味粉塗於肉上15-30分鐘即可烹煮 將 “博多華味鳥” 餐廳精心挑選的香料混合在一起,製作出特別與雞肉完美搭配的香料,能將雞的香味展現得淋漓盡致,可以說是烹調雞的秘密武器! 成份: 鹽(日本產)、芝麻、胡椒、醬油(包括小麥和大豆)、紅甜椒、蒜頭、炸蒜頭、其他香料/調味料 * Made with 10 carefully selected spices that are especially suitable for chicken meat * Apply the seasoning powder on the meat for 15-30 minutes before cooking Mix of 10 spices carefully selected by "Hakata Hanamidori" restaurant specially made for bringing out the fragrance of chicken to the fullest. Secret recipe for cooking chicken! Ingredients: Salt (Japan), sesame, black pepper, soy sauce (including wheat and soybeans), red bell pepper, garlic, fried garlic, other spices/seasonings