♻️日本 博多椎茸鰹魚湯包 Japan Hakata Fish Soup Stock

Packing 包裝規格



每袋13個小湯包 每小包約8g 8g per small sachets / 13 sachets per pack Or 每袋7個小湯包 每小包約8g 8g per small sachets / 7 sachets per pack * 基本上適合作任何湯底,煮麵、烏冬、關東煮、餃子、火鍋湯底、茶碗蒸蛋,更可剪開小袋將魚干碎倒出直接用作調味,蒸肉餅、包餃子等等 嚴選日本六種天然原材料:長崎飛魚干、長崎鯖魚干、燒津鰹魚干、利尻天然昆布、熊本沙丁魚干、宮崎縣椎茸,特製而成的日式魚湯。獨特的黃金比例製造出大約是實際味道 7 到 8 倍的味道,只要將魚粉包放入鍋中加水,令烹飪變得簡單又美味! 成份: 鹽、鰹節、鯖節、沙甸魚干、飛魚干、昆布、椎茸、糖、鰹魚粉、粉末醤油(大豆、小麦)、昆布粉、調味料、乳酸鈣 ❤️不添加合成保存料、人工甜味料、合成着色料 * Suitable as soup base for almost anything, such as soup noodles, udon, oden, dumplings, hot pot soup base, steamed eggs. You can even cut opened the small bags and use the dried fish powder as seasoning, for steamed minced pork, dumpling filling etc. Combining six strictly selected natural ingredients from Japan: Nagasaki dried flying fish, Nagasaki dried mackerel, Yaizu dried bonito, Rishiri natural kombu, Kumamoto dried sardines, and Shiitake from Miyazaki Prefecture, Specially turned into this super delicious Japanese fish stock. The unique golden ratio produces a taste that is approximately 7 to 8 times more concentrated. Just place these fish powder sachets in a pot and add water, instantly makes cooking simple and delicious! Ingredients: Salt, dried bonito, dried mackerel, dried sardine, dried flying fish, kombu, shiitake mushroom, sugar, bonito extract powder, soy sauce extract powder (soybeans, wheat), kelp powder, seasoning, calcium lactate ❤️ No artificial preservatives, sweetener or colouring

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