♻️日本 八女綠茶梅酒 Japan Tsukushi Green Tea Plum Wine



每支720ml * 適加單飲、加冰或梳打 * 什至加牛奶、雪糕也十分具另類風味 * 開封後需儲存於0-4°c 雪櫃 以福岡當地特產的鮮梅,和最聞名的八女茶,完美結合成甜度和酸度平衡,帶濃郁綠茶香氣的綠茶梅酒,入口甘醇、順喉。基礎以最好的本格大麥燒酒,該公司自1887年以來一直生產傳統燒酒,八女茶與第一批燒酒混合然後蒸餾,再將梅子浸泡在燒酒中。梅子清新的酸味和香氣與綠茶的微澀味可算是融合得天衣無縫! ⚠️ 根據香港法律,不得在業務過程中,向未成年人售賣或供應令人醺醉的酒類 * Can be enjoyed pure, on ice, with soda (1:1) * It is also great mixing with milk, or enjoy with ice cream like affagato ! * After opening, please store in the refrigerator A combination that could hardly be more delicious: Tsukushi Umeshu is the perfect combination of Umeshu and the finest Yamecha tea, a local specialty from Fukuoka. The result is a liqueur with a balance of beautiful sweetness and pleasant acidity with an intense aroma of green tea. The alcoholic basis of the liqueur is the finest Honkaku Barley Shochu, which the company has been producing in a long tradition since 1887. The Yamecha tea, a green tea as well as a speciality of the prefecture, is mixed with the first mash of the shochu and distilled afterwards. The umes are then steeped in the shochu. The refreshing sourness and aroma of the umes harmonize perfectly with the taste and astringency of the green tea. Important note: Since the filtration is kept to a minimum so that the fragrance component does not escape, the liqueur may be slightly cloudy. Please shake well before use. The product contains tea, for this reason colour changes are possible after opening. This in no way affects the taste or quality of this product. ⚠️ Under the law of Hong Kong intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business