♻️新加坡 花椒油 Singapore Double Pagoda Szechuan Pepper Oil



每樽150ml per bottle * 不含人工香料、食用色素 * 涼拌、火鍋最佳伙伴 以優質川椒提取物製成,不含人工色素或香料。 適合作調味、加入醃料或炒餸,非常適合亞洲菜涼拌、火鍋增添風味。 成份: 菜籽油、麻椒精華、大豆油 * Artificial Flavor Free, No Food Coloring * Excellent for cold dishes, hotpot seasoning Made with nature extract of quality Szechuan pepper, no artificial colouring and flavouring. Use as seasoning, marinating and stir fry, replacing the actual szechuan peppercorn. Good for all cuisines, excellent for oriental cold dishes. Ingredients: Canola oil, Szechuan peppercorn extract, soybean oil

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