♻️新加坡 廣祥泰參巴醬 Singapore Kwong Cheong Thye Sambal Chilli Paste



每樽230g * 百年新加坡老牌子 * 最適合炒豆角、撈麵、配蘿蔔糕等等 成份: 紅椒、蒜頭、紅蔥、栗米油、乾蝦、糖、 * Famous Singapore brand with 100 years history * Ideal for stir-fried beans, with shrimp roe noodles, and excellent dip for Chinese turnip cakes etc Ingredients : Red chillies, Garlic, Shallots, Corn oil, Dried shrimp (crustacean), Sugar, Belachan (shrimp paste, crustacean product), Flavour enhancer, Salt

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