♻️手工腰果糖 Artisan Handmade Cashew Candies

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每磅大約30塊 * 秘製傳承手藝,特別鬆脆香口 * 足料、少甜又帶少少鹹,百吃不厭! * 玻璃樽包裝,可存放數很久也保持鬆脆 成份: 腰果、麥芽糖、糖、鹽、花生油、白芝麻 100%香港製造 * Inherited delicate craftsmanship. Made with lots of patience * Only slightly sweetened with a hint of saltiness, so you can enjoy more without feeling heavy * Packed in glass bottles, can be kept in crispy condition for a long time Ingredients: Cashews, malt sugar, sugar, salt, peanut oil, white sesame Made in Hong Kong

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