♻️意大利 車厘茄吞拿魚醬 Italy L'Isola d'Oro Cherry Tomato Tuna



每樽130g per bottle * 100% 意大利番茄 L'Isola d'Oro 是一家歷史悠久於意大利帕爾馬的海產公司,歐洲食品安全局總部正是位於帕爾馬。以傳統吞拿魚為主味,加以番茄天然口味烹製,簡單味道無可挑剔,可與任何種類的意大利粉一起享用。 成份: 意大利番茄漿、吞拿魚30%、車厘番茄20%、半濃縮番茄、橄欖油、蒜頭、芫茜0.3%、鹽、增稠劑 ⚠️ 可能含有微量甲殼類海產 * 100% Italian tomatoes L’Isola d’Oro is an Italian fish preserve company that was born and developed in Parma, a key food district and headquarters of the European Food Safety Authority. Simple, with an unmistakable taste and characterized by the quality of our tunas, this traditional sauce is prepared exclusively with tomatoes and natural flavors and is ready to be enjoyed with any type of pasta. Ingredients: Italian tomato pulp, tuna 30%, cherry tomatoes 20%, semi-concentrated tomato, olive oil, garlic, parsley 0.3%, salt, thickeners ⚠️ May contain traces of crustaceans and molluscs