♻️意大利 特純初榨橄欖油 Italy Barbera Filtrato Extra Virgin Olive Oil



每樽1L per bottle * 100%意大利本土優質橄欖 * 人手採摘及篩選,採摘後24小時內碾磨,離心機分離及提取,讓油沉澱後以天然纖維物料過濾 * 煙點160-170°c,適合拌沙律、前菜、輕度煎炒 Barbera Filtrato 特純初榨橄欖油,從意大利南部西西里及阿普利亞的種植區Ogliarola, Cerasuola, Biancolilla, Coratina,採購每個季節最好的橄欖。橄欖冷壓後,透過天然纖維物料過濾,以消除殘留物,過濾出來是晶瑩剔透金黃色的油,濃郁的香氣而帶柔和的胡椒味和甜味。 特別適用於魚肉上,與海鮮、麵包、湯、北非小米或甜品一起使用最為配合。 食物搭配: 非常適合配魚類、湯、意大利粉、和醃製烏魚子等等 原產地:西西里島和阿普利亞 * 100% top quality Italy olives * Olives harvested by hand. Milled within 24 hours from harvest, extraction and separation by centrifuge, oil is allowed to settle and decanted through natural fiber filters * Smoke point 160-170°c. Suitable for salad, appetiser mix, light stir fry, pan fry The extra virgin olive oil Barbera Filtrato is made using the best of the Barbera crop each season. obtained from Italy cultivars Ogliarola, Cerasuola, Biancolilla, Coratina. After the olives have been cold pressed, the oil is filtered through natural fiber filters in order to eliminate residue. The outcome is a crystal clear golden oil, with a penetrating aroma with soft peppery flavour and sweetness. Excellent raw oil on fish. Ideal choice for use with seafood, bread, bruschetta, soup, couscous and also in dessert preparation. Food pairing: Excellent on grilled fish, soups and fresh fish. Excellent pairing with pasta and bottarga. Area of origin : Sicily and Apulia Aroma : Light yet persistent aroma of fresh fruit Taste : Medium fruitiness with an almond finish Appearance : A fairly dense oil of crystal clear golden yellow Use : Raw to finish all Italian dishes, in the preparation of sauces and in frying.