♻️意大利 牛肝菌白松露醬 Giuliano Tartufi Porcini with White Truffle Cream



每樽160g * 無添加任何化學防腐劑或色素,以初榨橄欖油天然保鮮 【餐桌上的鑽石】 松露是一種長在地底的真菌,只生長在松樹、榛木、櫟樹、白楊樹等特定種類的樹幹根部,且需在濕度、溫度和土壤pH值皆非常嚴苛的環境條件下才能收成,珍稀之至,使松露被視為「餐桌上的鑽石」。松露香氣馥郁、獨特,能為每一道菜色增添一抹優雅與細緻,幾乎可說是美味的同義詞。 由白松露製成的棕色抹醬。適合搭配肉類和義大利麵,也可塗抹於麵包吐司上。建議每人使用10g,無需烹煮,可直接用於意大利飯、意大利雲吞、海鮮或焗薯上 成份: 牛肝菌、特級初榨橄欖油、鹽、香料、白松露 * No preservatives or addictive, naturally preserved by extra good quality virgin olive oil This creamy delicacy is perfect with a plethora of dishes. You can use it for your starters (e.g. spread on crostini, bruschetta or used as a filling), for your pasta, rice or meat dishes as well as for your omelettes or sandwiches. To fully exploit its qualities, we recommend using 10g cream for person. Easy use of the product: it does not need to be cooked and can be directly used on the dish SUGGESTION IN COOKING • Pasta, rice, risotto and polenta • Meat or baked fish • Grilled, baked and fried vegetables (mainly potatoes) Ingredients: Porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis and rel. Group), extra-virgin olive oil, salt, flavours, white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico)

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