♻️台灣 豆油伯甘田醬油 Taiwan Doyoubo Artisan Lite Natural Soy Sauce



每支300ml per bottle * 薄鹽配方,無添加鉀鹽、低鈉鹽,健康美味 * 沾食醬油推薦,味道甘甜不死鹹 * 完整原豆釀造,不使用脫脂豆片,原汁不稀釋 * 麩質、碘成分沒檢出,通過SGS多項檢測 ⭐️ 豆油伯的春源黑豆醬油於2022 年獲得Great Taste 3 Star 大獎,其他兩款產品金美滿、金美好也獲得2星獎。而豆油伯是唯一獲得3星獎的醬油產品! 屏東竹田郷因日照強、水質佳,這個位於台南的小小鄉鎮,曾經聚集數十家醬油工廠。 豆油伯李安田先生於1972年成立「原味醬園」,堅持遵循古法工序,釀造真正屬於臺灣人的天然純釀醬油。 全系列釀造醬油,都採用100%台灣非基因改造黃豆、黑豆、小麥,並以與環境共存的方式種植,成品定期以 SGS 檢驗通過,秉 持原豆發酵、熟成等待、不稀釋製作、保留醬醇的原汁原味。 現代人講究健康,生活型態以健康為基礎。開啟味蕾的甘醇回味,豆油伯的甘田醬油選用台灣黃豆在地釀造,揉和無添加鉀鹽新配方,運用酵母分解小麥中的澱粉,讓甘田醬油的濃度及口感更有層次,為滿桌豐盛菜餚增添風味,減少負擔。 成份: 水、台灣非基因改造黃豆、台灣黑豆、台灣小麥、天然鹽、蔗糖二砂糖、酵母萃取物 📌 產品為原豆發酵製成,故含天然油脂浮於液面,瓶身若有沉澱痕跡屬自然現象,品質不變請安心使用 * Low sodium and no potassium chloride added, a healthier choice for your everyday culinary needs * Best as a dipping sauce * All Doyoubo products meet the Taiwan class A soy sauce — the highest level standard in Taiwan * All soy sauce are tested gluten-free, Iodine-free and passed SGS inspection * Whole good quality raw beans are used, soy sauce is never being diluted ⭐️ In 2022, DoYouBo Chun Yuan Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce/Black Bean won the Great Taste 3 Star award. They also got the 2 star award for the other two products, Golden Smile and Golden Black. Doyoubo is the only soy sauce product that won the 3-star award! The founder of Doyoubo, Mr. Antian Lee, was one of the few certified soy sauce brewers in his time. He started the business in 1972 and has worked tirelessly ever since, nestled at the foothill of Dawu Mountain, with abundant quality water source and plenty of sunlight. Doyoubo uses non-GMO Taiwan grown soybeans, black beans, and wheat exclusively, which all tested negative of pesticide residual. Let fermented patiently for 120-180 days, Doyoubo uses quality ingredients and applies traditional soy sauce making techniques to establish a good business practice. Ingredients: Water, Taiwan non-GMO soybeans, Taiwan black beans, Taiwan wheat, natural salt, sucrose golden sugar, yeast extract 📌 The product is made from raw bean fermentation, it contains natural oil on the liquid surface. It is perfectly normal if you see traces of residue in the bottle, it doesn’t mean quality is compromised