♻️台灣 本家生機黃金腐竹 Taiwan Benjia Dried Golden Yuba



每包150g per pack * 獨家技術低溫澎發,製作全程不含一滴油 * 100%嚴選非基因改造黃豆製造 * 無添加防腐劑、漂白劑、色素等 * 100%純素,無動物性成分 * 獲兩大認證:ISO國際保證、HACCP * 以逆滲透淨水製成,無需沖洗開袋即可使用 只使用初期形成的四張豆皮,用低溫烘焙(非油炸),大豆蛋白進行獨家技術低溫澎發,全程採用手工生產製作過程中不含一滴油,輕鬆食用無負擔。低溫烘焙 x 低油脂 x 非油炸正好符合時下飲食觀念,減糖、減肥健身的首選。 成份 : 非基因改造黃豆、水、脂肪酸甘油酯、碳酸鈣、碳酸鎂、卵磷脂 * Exclusive low-temperature processing technology which does not contain a drop of oil * 100% non-GMO soy beans used * No preservatives, no bleaching or colouring * 100% vegan, strictly no animal products used * ISO / HACCP certified * Reverse osmosis filtered water is used, no soaking is needed before using Low-temperature baking (non-deep fried) exclusive technology is applied without using single drop of oil in the whole process, most healthy way to eat with no unnecessary burden for digestion. Low-temperature baking x low-fat x non-deep fried is in line with the current healthy diet concept. Excellent item for low carb, weight loss plans Ingredients: Water, Non-GMO soybean (U.S.), Non-GMO soybean protein, wheat protein, wheat starch