♻️加拿大 無糖燕麥奶 Canada Earths Own Unsweetened Oat Milk



每盒946ml * 不使用任何農藥 種植燕麥的用水量比種植杏仁或製造牛奶少7倍!購買植物食物意味著用更少水、更少土地和更少的生產能源。Earths Own 盡可能採用有機或本地原料,而且採取可持續耕種的方式。絶不使用農藥草甘膦,而且選擇加拿大本土種植的燕麥,供給你健康的植物性脂肪、蛋白質、維生素、礦物質、纖維和抗氧化物。此外,使用的是向日葵油,而不是菜籽油。 Earths Own 是100% 素食和全採用加拿大原料,在口味方面亦做到零妥協!農場必須屬可持續種植,以保護我們的水、土壤,以及我們共享的地球。他們使用之包裝盒 PlantCarton®,成份最少七成是來自可持續發展樹林之可再生物料。 成份: 燕麥(過濾水 / 無麩燕麥)、葵花籽油、海鹽、結蘭膠、有機豆膠、澱粉酶、維他命和礦物質(磷酸三鈣 / 碳酸鈣 / 維他命A棕櫚酸鹽 / 維他命D2 / 維他命B雜 / 維他命B12 / 葡萄糖酸鋅) * No glyphosate or pesticides used Oat is grown with 7x less water than almond or cow's milk. S-e-v-e-n-t-i-m-e-s! Buying plant-based means less water, less land and using less energy to produce. It means sustainable farming practices, including organic or local whenever possible. Absolutely no glyphosates and choosing Canadian home grown oats. It means healthy plant-based fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. Sunflower oil, not canola, because it is better for you and gives you sustainable energy. Earth’s Own is 100% vegan, 200% Canadian and make zero compromises when it comes to taste! Earth’s Own ingredients are grown and farmed using sustainable, non-GMO and pesticide-free practices. Protecting our water, our soil and all the creatures we share this Earth with. Plastic bottles live in landfills for, like, a thousand years. Earth’s Own choose plant based cartons when because they’re totally renewable, recyclable and are sourced from sustainable forests. Just adding a wink of totally recyclable plastic in the cap & a thin barrier internally to prioritize freshness. Every small effort to protect our planet adds up to create a bigger impact! Ingredients: Oat Base (Filtered Water / Gluten-Free Oats), Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Gellan Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Amylase, Vitamins And Minerals (Tricalcium Phosphate / Calcium Carbonate / Vitamin A Palmitate / Vitamin D2 / Riboflavin / Vitamin B12 / Zinc Gluconate)